I need more space

I need more space

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I need more space
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Happy Friday everyone,
Lina turned 5 weeks today, and life has been amazing with this little girl. She’s such a cutie, and already sleeps through the nights, most of the time. If she’s not sleeping through she’s only awake once.
our little one already has so many different nicknames, like, terror Zwerg (terror dwarf), flitze Piepe (flute beep) and grumpy baby. she’s so fun to look at, she grimaces so often and then begins to grumble and looks like the grumpy cat. that’s why we call her grumpy baby, haha.

Do you see a difference in my pictures? we just bought a new Camera, the Sony Alpha 7 II. I’ve always wanted to invest in a newer and especially in a full-frame camera. I wanted a smaller and lighter one, that’s why we decided to get this one.

I’m also so in love with this cute “I need more Space Shirt” from Find. Find is an UK Brand, and sells their clothes through Amazon Fashion.


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