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Hi Guys,

First you can see I had a lot of fun this morning.. :) my boyfriend makes me to laugh too much :) but I thought I could share one of this pics for you.
Yesterday was a really really hard day, the maybe line commercial production need about 14 hours, omg. This was too long, I had been at home in bed at 12am. I slept like a baby this night.
But I think it’s going to be an awesome result, we will see.
this summer isn’t so hot in LA like normally at the moment it’s just 63F. More cold that hot haha.
That was the reason why I choose some cute new jumpsuite, now you’re going to say “huuuuh jumpsuite ?” but yes it is one from Zara I’ve bought it at sale a few days ago.
Hope you like it guys…

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  • Reply Lauren 08/02 at 4:56 AM

    Cute outfit!!

  • Thank you so much for reading. I'd love to hear your comment! xoxo