Today’s healthy food…


Today’s healthy food,

I thought it would be nice to share a few foods you can eat during a diet, or you can eat all of these foods everyday , they’re really great and healthy to achieving a flat stomach. just in time for the summer/ bikin season.

1. Strawberries : are packed with fiber wich keeps you felling full longer, they’re full of Vitamin C it is good for your Immune.
2. Oatmel: will keep you satiated, because ist full of fiber. Check out my overnight oats.
3. Low- fat yoghurt: has calcium, is also probiotic that fights, fast storage and prevents bloat.
4.Almonds: full of healthy fats, that reduce food cravings while building muscles, and it’s the ultimate power snack. I personally like to drink almond milk or use it together with oatmel it’s a really good combination (check out my overnight oats)
5. Salmon: full of omeg 3 fatty acids, help to bumbp up your metabolism, your body is going to burn fat faster.
6. Watermelon: how the name say it, is full of water, helps to flush extra water from your system.
7. Avocado: has lots of healthy fats that burn fat while providing your body with energy.
8. Quinoa: magical whole Grain, packed whit a lots of protein and fiber, so it keeps you felling full longer, ( in the next days im going to post my quiona recipe)

my post is inspired by Lauren Conrads site, check it out here…


  • Reply kimdahlgren 07/24 at 6:16 PM

    Did you make the picture? And if so, how? Thanks!

    • Reply fabesfashion 07/24 at 10:19 PM

      hay. No I’ve don’t made them, I’ve only create the collage, every food is an own picture I’ve saved from google.

  • Reply elb743 07/23 at 9:05 PM

    Love your list of healthy foods, they look much more appetiizing on your post. Off to buy some salmon.

    xx, Elle

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