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hay guys,

Today it’s not about fashion, it’s about my favorite tv shows.

So Tuesdays tv is the best for me, it is definetely the Abc family night, while I’m awaiting one of my absolutely favorite Series “Pretty Little Liars , at 8/7 c.

Pretty Little Liars is an american teen drama/ mystery serie.
It is about 4 Girls Aria/Spencer/Emily an Hanna who have lost their Friend Ali, a Year After she was murdered the girls begin receiving messages from a mystery person named “A” A knows all of the girls secret and starts to torture them….
So “A” who the hell are you?? I really do love watching this show I’m kinda obsessed with it it so dramatic. I’m looking forward to the new ABC family series Ravenswood it’s a spinoff from PLL, I hope that this show is going to be awesome too.


A new Abc family serie has been started directly after PLL at 9/8c named twisted it is an American teen mystery series too.
The series focused on an 16 year old boy who have killed his aunt when he was eleven.
This show is a really different than Pretty little liars, I’m not sure what to think about yet, but wee will see.

here are my favorite shows from the past:
I have really do loved watching Gossip girl it had been aired on the the CW Network it is about New Yorkshire teenager form the upper east side, I can get from this serie never enough, I’m still watching it on DVD I really loved it.

Another series I have always watched had been 90210 aired on the CW too, I think that all of knows what is about, makeover from Beverly Hills 90210.

the last serie I’ve really liked was the the lying game on Abc family, it’s about twins who were separated at birth, now they meet each other and want to find his birth mother.
Sadly the series had been canceled now after two season.

Hope you guys liked my today’s post.

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  • Reply Laura 08/07 at 8:57 AM

    Really liked Gossip Girl and 90210 too! Couldn’t stop watching.

  • Thank you so much for reading. I'd love to hear your comment! xoxo